Does our education system
provide holistic learning?

Like most other sectors, the education sector has been trying to figure out its role in the world right now. If ever there
would be a time to see the impact and the power of partnership, change-making and student leadership - it is now.

Here are some stories where kids and educators have stepped forward and worked to help the people within their
ecosystem - house, community, organization or city.

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What is the role we play in Reimagining Education?

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Acting on these principles will reimagine education.

Love is our approach to changing the education system.

Our C's are the skills that prepare our children for the 21st century.

An idea is all one needs. One idea, one change.  A thousand ideas, a changed education system. How many ideas have we sparked so far?


Hundreds of Kids and Educators are already affecting change at every level. Choose which level of the system you want to reimagine!


Join the Revolution!

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