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Reimagining Your School

Act now to reimagine education!

Imagine how much better we’d make our schools if all of us worked together? Reimagine what your school can be by understanding what students want and then supporting your teachers and school administrators to make changes.

Here’s how you can start! Below you will find stories, learnings and exact steps you can try out to achieve what
these kids and educators did. Click on the resource that you'd like to learn and get started.

Let’s reimagine education together!


Seekho - Teachers of English Program (STEP)
A curriculum by kids, for kids

Even with existing textbooks, curriculums, and resources, India faces a large scarcity of effective teachers. One of the best ways to promote English fluency is to immerse students in an environment with fluent speakers, and STEP aims to enable prospective teachers across the country who have no prior teaching experience. That takes the initiative of individuals who bring communities of teachers and students together, using STEP as a foundation to bridge this socio-economic gap.