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Seekho - Teachers of English Program (STEP)
A curriculum by kids, for kids

Even with existing textbooks, curriculums, and resources, India faces a large scarcity of effective teachers. One of the best ways to promote English fluency is to immerse students in an environment with fluent speakers, and STEP aims to enable prospective teachers across the country who have no prior teaching experience. That takes the initiative of individuals who bring communities of teachers and students together, using STEP as a foundation to bridge this socio-economic gap.

STEP is a pre collegiate English curriculum sequence, textbook series, and teacher guide for education of low-income students  (9th–11th grades) in India. The project began in the American Embassy School (AES) in New Delhi, where underprivileged students were being taught as part of a high-school club. Seeing the students reach 10th grade and not have any curriculum to prepare them for college and beyond, a few student teachers in AES began developing a curriculum that coalesced a western educational approach with a curriculum contextualized in India. Over the next five years the curriculum was improved through interactions with the students under the supervision of a Ph.D in English education. It aims to build analytical fluency using a western approach to education in order to give underprivileged students the fluency they need to perform well in university and the workforce. 


Through the process of teaching these students with the curriculum, over 30 have now gotten full-tuition scholarships to university. The culmination of these years has been published under the name STEP, and was presented at the TESOL international conference. It is no longer limited to the group of 120 students being taught at AES, and now NGOs and high schools across India are using this curriculum to teach. Through the design of the curriculum and the extensive teacher resources, it has been developed so that anyone can teach using the curriculum — even a high-school student or someone without formal teacher training.

How can you use this curriculum to begin teaching in your ecosystem?

Contact STEP at to receive access to all the free materials.

Inform them about your intentions and commitment to improving fluency in the English language for kids around you. You can also mention that you found this curriculum on the Kids Education Revolution website.

All of these materials and more are accessible for all, all you have to do is send them the e-mail and they will respond to you with the resources. No selection or application process is required.

All of these materials and more are accessible for all, all you have to do is send them the e-mail and they will respond to you with the resources. No selection or application process is required.

You can also visit their website, for more information.

Whether you have teaching experience or not, the STEP curriculum is designed to help anyone create a learning environment tailored to their students. Each one of us has the potential to be a teacher, and STEP gives the resources on which to be a part of bridging the educational inequality in India. 


How was your experience of using the STEP Curriculum?


KERx School
How can you Reimagine your School?

In May 2020, the KER Team launched the KERx School initiative to integrate the KER Principles into school structures. We partnered with 7 schools from Mumbai, Pune and Surat, and took them through a 3 day virtual immersion in collaboration with Reap Benefit. During this experience, the schools were introduced to KER’s vision, mission, 3 Principles and 8Cs. The schools also heard from KER Revolutionaries and went through a mini hackathon to experience the 8Cs in action. KERx School is a way to reimagine and  immerse the KER Principles and values into your school structures. This resource will help you design your own KER program that can be implemented with all the students and teachers of your school.