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Reimagining The System

Act now to reimagine education!

Kids can bring about change in the education system. Through small, regular actions over time kids can work with educators to actually change the education system. We encourage you to attend education conferences, ask if you can assist your local education department and even see if you can engage with education policy.

Here’s how you can start! Below you will find stories, learnings and exact steps you can try out to achieve what
these kids and educators did.
Click on the resource that you'd like to learn and get started.

Let’s reimagine education together!


How can you begin reimagining education from anywhere in the world?

Kids Education Revolution works on spreading its 3 Principles [Kids and Educators as Partners, Kids as Changemakers, and Safe Spaces for Voice] and 8 Cs [Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Courage, Consciousness, Compassion, and Curiosity]. We believe that if these principles and skills were implemented in every classroom, school, community and education system, then we would have reimagined education. There are many ways to drive this change, but we choose the approach of love. As we become more aware of the many things that need reform in education, we respond with care and partnership.