Reimagining The System

Act now to reimagine education!

Kids can bring about change in the education system. Through small, regular actions over time kids can work with educators to actually change the education system. We encourage you to attend education conferences, ask if you can assist your local education department and even see if you can engage with education policy.

Here’s how you can start! Below you will find stories, learnings and exact steps you can try out to achieve what
these kids and educators did.
Click on the resource that you'd like to learn and get started.

Let’s reimagine education together!


How can you begin reimagining education from anywhere in the world?

Kids Education Revolution works on spreading its 3 Principles [Kids and Educators as Partners, Kids as Changemakers, and Safe Spaces for Voice] and 8 Cs [Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Courage, Consciousness, Compassion, and Curiosity]. We believe that if these principles and skills were implemented in every classroom, school, community and education system, then we would have reimagined education. There are many ways to drive this change, but we choose the approach of love. As we become more aware of the many things that need reform in education, we respond with care and partnership. 

In August 2020, we organized a 3-day workshop in collaboration with Teach For All for Educators from across the globe. Educators from 40 countries in the Teach For All Network joined in to know how they can implement the three principles and build the 21st Century Skills in their kids. The workshop series had attendees coming from 28 countries, namely, Albania, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Gambia, Hong Kong, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Lebanon, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Qatar, Spain, Nepal, Nigeria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Uganda, UAE, US, and Zambia. Approximately 40 educators immersed themselves in the three principles and 8 Cs of KER and found ways to contextualize and take back ideas on reimagining the education system.

How can you take back our principles and 8 Cs?

Firstly, we request you to first take the time to go through the following to understand the Principles, 8 Cs, and the Approach of Love. Each of these pages are filled with short explanations and beautiful examples that will help you to really understand what they are about!

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Acting on these principles will reimagine education.

Love is our approach to changing the education system.

Our C's are the skills that prepare our children for the 21st century.

Moving forward, we will be presenting to you an array of resources that will help implement each of the above! As you go through these resources that will help you answer the ‘how’ of reimagining education, please be sure to think of these questions as you learn -

What are you learning about safe space for voice, partnership and changemaking?

Is it sparking any ideas or thoughts that are relevant or helpful to your context?

We will come back to these questions at the end of this resource.

How do you build student-educator partnerships to reimagine education?

How do you build platforms that enable safe space, partnership and changemaking?

How can you build Student Leadership?

After learning from all these powerful stories and impactful resources, think about these questions -

What are you learning about safe space for voice, partnership and changemaking?

Is it sparking any ideas or thoughts that are relevant or helpful to your context?

Do share your thoughts and ideas with us. We are learning as we grow and we would love to hear from you.


Revolutionary Council
How do you run a Student Advisory Council?

The KER Revolutionary Council is a collective of 6 students working in collaboration with the Kids Education Revolution staff team to design and execute our strategy for 2020-21. The steps given below will take you through what goes into running such a structure by highlighting the support, training and processes we put into place.


At KER, we are constantly trying to deepen our understanding of the 3Ps. This year, in an attempt to understand partnership in its truest essence, we set up a student advisory council that would partner with us in executing our projects for the year. We are currently work