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Become a Revolutionary!

A Revolutionary is a kid or an educator who wants to reimagine our education system, join a global movement of changemakers who want to make our world a better place and affect real change.

If you are working on a project or are part of a team/organization that wants to change this world for the better in any shape or form; If you want to play a role in spreading awareness and mobilizing people towards change; If you are curious to be a changemaker - YOU ARE A REVOLUTIONARY!

Join our network of revolutionaries and be a part of the movement that is reimagining education, day in and day out! Once you join our network, you’ll get access to multiple opportunities to meet, interact and learn from our kids and educators (in-person, virtually or through simple resources) who are already impacting thousands of people across the whole world.


Welcome to the Revolution!

We would love to hear from you - your stories of change. Tell us if you tried to help another person or if you tried to bring about a change in your classroom, school, or community, or if you have an idea to reimagine the education system!

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