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Student Durbars

Creating Safe Spaces for Voice, virtually

Student Durbar is an effort to provide a platform for students to come together, showcase their talent and experience joy as they share and learn from each other. Teach For India Ahmedabad's Student Leadership Aggregator Committee created this platform for students. It is a city-wide non-competitive platform which provides kids with an opportunity to gain exposure and build their confidence. Due to the pandemic, these spaces have been conducted virtually. During these calls, the student hosts have been super enthusiastic and that has filled these virtual spaces with energy and joy. All the participants have been spreading the love in the chat box during performances and that has provided performers with a lot of encouragement! 

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-23 at 2.32.57 PM

This space has been witnessing a turnout of 120+ children from 10 different schools. They also had Teach For India Fellows, parents, school staff and Teach For India staff members and alumni as part of the audience. Students' performances ranged from poetry, singing, dancing, speech to even presentation of a project. Since this platform is owned by everyone who is participating, it is easy to kickstart this in any classroom, school and clusters of schools even! 

How can you start such virtual safe spaces for student voice?

Reach out to your educators to kickstart the platform with a student sign-up form.