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Our Impact

Over the last 3 years, we have been able to reach

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Diverse organizations have collaborated with KER.



KER Revolutionaries are running projects (gender, environment, education, etc) that are impacting at least 10 students and 5 educators per revolutionary.

Cities (Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Alibaug, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hosur, Hyderabad, Raipur) and 9 countries (America, Armenia, UK, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Belgium, Cambodia and Thailand) have participated in KER Week and taken back ideas to spread KER in their own regions.


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Educators at the KER National Summit committed to work in partnership with their students to reimagine education.

Educators and students believe that KER spaces are worth their time and helps them explore and build their perspectives on the 3 KER principles, 7Cs and the approach of love for a reimagined education.



Teach For India Fellows believe that student voice and feedback is important to develop teacher practices and that they are effective builders of culture and joy (Institute Track).

Fellows at Teach For India have been able to build safe spaces for their students.



Fellows have been able to involve students as partners in teaching or in other projects.

Fellows have witnessed students acting as changemakers in the classroom / school / community.



Educators and students want to continue being a part of KER spaces and work towards building a movement of students and educators who reimagine education.


The KER Learning Loop is an initiative to document and learn from the stories of exceptional student leaders who run projects around a reimagined education system.


Participants left with a strong understanding of the underlying principles student leaders operate with.

Participants built an understanding of the enablers of a student leader's growth.



Participants left with an understanding of how to take learnings back into their work.

Fellows at Teach For India have been able to build safe spaces for their students.



Participants felt that the discussion helped them unpack and understand what is student leadership.

Participants said they would be interested in being part of another KER Learning Loop discussion.




Inspired by McKinsey, Raghavendra Yadav, a tenth grader from a Teach For India classroom in Mumbai, has created Paramarsh, a free consultancy that works towards fostering student leadership and creating sustainable structures for change in the society. Through Paramarsh, Raghavendra supports 6 student-led projects in the school where he helps them strategize, plan, and execute their vision towards creating sustainable change. These 6 projects work on issues like gender equality, peer teaching, communal harmony, and so on.

At the same time, Raghavendra wants to continue working with other students to help them discover their light and true potential. He believes that by fostering student leadership we can all work together and that will help lead us to a world where everyone has the opportunity to grow, where the concept of free space exists and everyone is leveraging each other.

What do our kids and educators say about us?


“Through the KER Retreat, I learnt the importance of collaboration. If I want to go fast, I can walk alone but if I want to walk far, I have to walk with others. All change originates from something small."

S Deepigashree, KER Revolutionary 2020

“KER Night was amazing. I actually saw the vision of Kids Education Revolution come alive. I saw how partnership between Kids and Educators can bring about great changes. The Student -Educator Panel really helped me understand why there's a need to Reimagine Education.”

Arpita Mandal, KER Revolutionary 2020


“One of the biggest disorientations for me this week was the question of ‘Are we truly, deeply listening to our students in a way that sets aside power and generational differences?’ Another element was how much unlearning needs to be done by those in the system, who are well-intentioned but programmed for command and control structures, in order to enable authentic student voices, and more importantly, learning to actually listen to them.”

Rachel Lim, Director (Learning Experiences), Teach For All

"In similar but different ways from the Maya musical, KER and the Summit and the Museum of Grey Sunshine and all of you have left me wonderfully disoriented. Thank you. AND, the privilege of having those experiences with my son and my father was one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I will always remember and cherish—and for which I will always be grateful."

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Steven Farr, Senior Director of Classroom Leadership and Leadership Lab Founder at Teach For All

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“I think this superhero journey at KER has changed me a lot. I still hope to become even better and take active leadership in most things I work on. I still want to push myself and be a better version of myself.”

Arjun, KER Revolutionary

“The KER week was a really enriching and a fun experience. The way I was welcomed by everybody made me feel that I have been a part of the KER family for a long time. It helped me build awareness of the good work going around after listening to the inspiring work done from the other revolutionaries. It gave me a broader perspective and made me more open minded about a topic after listening to ideas from different places all over the world.”

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Siddharth, KER Revolutionary

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“It was a great experience in the Retreat and the National Summit of KER. I loved the hackathon, dream session and the 10x one. I met many new people and learnt many things. Especially Mr. Nand Kumar I connected with him a lot and had a great discussion about the education system of India. At KER week, I saw the idea of equal partnership between kids and educators come alive. KER gave me enough fuel to work endlessly and passionately on my projects.”

Dhanashree, KER Revolutionary

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