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Ten years after our Maya musical, some of our 'Maya' Students have returned to co-write, direct, choreograph and teach Students themselves!

The Conference of the birds is a Sufi, Hamilton-inspired hip-hop tale of a group of Students on a journey of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. Our intention is to hold this question: What is India?

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Alongside the musical, Teach For India has developed India & I Studies, a set of lesson plans for Students of all ages to deepen their awareness and practice of our Constitutional Values. India & I studies is free to any Student, educator or parent who shares our belief that building India starts with how we educate our children.

You can access the India & I Studies by clicking on the links below:

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Come see our Students' limitless potential and the power of a reimagined education to get there.




June 3 & 4

July 29 & 30

August 12 & 13

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